“WE ARE ELECTUS!” - West Midlands, U.K. Based HARD ROCK BAND!

ELECTUS can be accredited to Rhythm Guitarist/Vocalist Russell Peake in early 2008 when he knew that it was time to form a group that would satisfy his hunger & Passion for Hard Rock Music.

As the music progressed concentrating on songwriting from 2003 & from the initial acoustic 
recordings & occasional touring the song list grew, the line-up expanded to welcome Dan Smith in 2014 on Bass. 2015 the band welcomed Mick Hales on the Drums & Pete Checkley on Lead Guitar! 
With a lineup complete ELECTUS! wasted no time learning the material and launching onto the UK gigging circuit.
ELECTUS! has no boundaries blending all the elements which have influenced the band along 
with melodic chorus lines giving the band the breathing room to experiment their passion.

ELECTUS will always create music which conjures the full range of emotions & deliver a Visual live performance that leaves the audience thinking “WOW!... More Please!”...

~ 2014 Dan Smith Joins ELECTUS! on Bass Guitar

~ 2015 Mick Hales joins ELECTUS! on Drums

~ 2015 Ross Kane joins ELECTUS! on Lead Guitar

~ 2015 Peter Checkley replaces Ross Kane on Lead Guitar

~ 2015 Complete recording of the ELECTUS! Debut album "The Dark"

~ 2015 The band embark on a promotional tour throughout the U.K.

~ 2015 Submission's to the Rock & Metal media hardcopy & online formats.

~ 2016 Complete Promo Video for "Just for One Night"

~ 2016 Dedicated ELECTUS! VEVO channel goes "LIVE!"

~ 2016 Dedicated ELECTUS! Online Radio Channel goes "LIVE!" 

~ 2016 Continued Promotion & touring around the U.K. 

~ 2016 Complete Promo Video for "Rider"

~ 2016 Complete recording for the NEW ELECTUS! Debut album due November 2016

~ 2016 Complete Promotion & touring plans for the debut album

~ 2016 Commence promotion for the NEW ELECTUS! Album

~ 2017 Commence touring for the NEW ELECTUS! Album release....

~ 2017 Scott Dallow Joins ELECTUS! on Bass Guitar

~ 2017 Gareth Daker joins ELECTUS! on Lead Guitar

We have a young / mature / flexible approach as a band, “If you can tap your feet, dance & sing to it & if i would buy it? It’s in”. Says the founding member & principle songwriter...

Influences - Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Megadeth, Opeth, EPICA, ludovico Einaudi to name but a few.....